Alexis Ygorinolav Ragy was a Noriki writer, intellectual, and Natelysta Senator of the mid-eighteenth century. He is famous as one of the most prominent intellectuals of Natelism, the school of political philosophy developed around the Natelysta state, and argued aggressively for the hierarchical, authoritarian and meritocratic structure of Natelysta Norik, particular against the democratic republics of Sednyana and Lasterus. He is also notable for his relative lack of focus on Masct and Masctist government, themes that dominated many of his contemporaries' writings, leading many to suspect that he was religiously agnostic. While Ragy would claim throughout his life to be a devout Masctist, several missteps late in his career led to him being stripped of his title and removed from government. His last work, Aszhapolitik, would be banned by the government for its criticism of the current Natelysta government, and Ragy would disappear only several years after its publication.

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