Aszhapolitik was a book of political philosophy written by Natelysta-era Noriki philosopher and politician Alexis Ragy after his ouster from government on accusations of atheism and blasphemy. It is often seen as his clearest manifesto on ethics and government, in which he presents a fully utilitarian view of governance. As in his other writings, Ragy rejects democratic or other populist governance as ineffective, arguing for rule for a small cadre of elites. However, his arguments for rationalism over religion and superstition, as well as his support for science, made the piece highly controversial in Norik, and banned by the government. Ragy would disappear less than a year after the piece was written, and was likely killed or imprisoned by the government, although other theories exist about what became of him, including that he ran away and became the anonymous underground anti-Natelysta writer Zhandak. However, Zhandak's opinions were quite different from Ragy's, and most scholars reject this argument.

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