The Capital District is the district of Sednyana containing the country's capital city, Kia Boya, as well as the town of Capital Hills, which broke off from the city in 1962 but chose not to join any state. The Capital District was created by George Ross in 1503 in order to create a neutral territory for the capital to be in so that no one state could have too much control over the government. Kia Boya's location on the border between East Kaya and Boyada was one of the major reasons that he chose the city to replace Sednyanopolis as Sednyana's capital. 

The Capital District has a population of 2,693,000, of which 2,677,000 live in Kia Boya and 16,000 live in Capital Hills. Today, Capital Hills is the richest municipality in all of Sednyana. The Capital District has five senators, four of whom are of the Social Democratic Party and one of whom is of the Liberalist Party. The Capital District is part of the Capital Province, along with Boyada and Toka, but it has no state government; instead, it is controlled directly by the federal government.

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