The Federation of Sednyana (Incean: Annaktis no-Sednyana), or simply Sednyana, is a federal representative republic on the eastern coast of the Southern Continent. It is composed of sixteen states, two territories, and one federal district. Of these, thirteen states as well as the Capital District are located on mainland Sednyana, while three are located in the Sednya Islands. The capital of Sednyana is Kia Boya.

With a population of 128,213,769 as of the 2013 estimate, Sednyana is the fifth-most populous nation in the world. It is highly ethnically diverse and multicultural, and a leader in world economics, culture, academics, and politics. Sednyana's land area is 1,053,731 square miles, the fifth-largest of any nation in the world, and is divided over a wide range of biomes. The southern part of the nation is mostly arid desert, although the coast is a wet temperate coastal plane; in the north of the country, it gives way to deciduous and then tropical rainforest, as well as the high Feran Mountains. Sednyana also includes the vast majority of the Sednya Islands, located off the coast of the mainland. Mainland Sednyana shares borders with Ziunia, Zenia, Tara, and Barreland and Gemoriyn, while Sednyana also has water borders with Nilana, Eqota (through the Sellapin Islands and Coconut Islands), the Northern Polaris Islands and Norik (through the Polaris Islands).

Sednyana was inhabited by Inceans and other native groups for over ten thousand years before it was settled by white Celtons fleeing Celta after the demise of the Anglean Empire. The first settlers arrived in [1270-ish?] and founded the city of Durham, after which many more waves of settlers, mostly from Celta but also from other regions of the former Anglean Empire, fled to Sednyana. After a war with the Kingdom of Incea, the Celton settlers eventually agreed to join with them and create a new nation. On June 11, 1305, the Second Incean Peace treaty established Sednyana (meaning New Golden Land in Incean) as a kingdom of Inceans and Celtons with Alan Ellona, a prominent Celton settler and advocate of peace, as its first king. The kingdom of Sednyana lasted until 1500, expanding and exerting its influence on the nations around it, particularly during the Age of Empires when Alexander III proclaimed himself Sednyanese Emperor and attempted domination of the Southern Continent. Alexander's dreams were never realized and the empire fell; however, the kingdom remained until the invasion of the Rhamidian Empire in 1497 under the pretense of reclaiming its escaped citizens. Although the last king of Sednyana, Alan II, was killed during the war, George Ross, a Sednyanese general, philosopher and politician, took control of the country and won the war. On September 21, 1503, Ross and a constitutional committee signed a new constitution into law, transforming Sednyana into the world's first federal representative democracy.

Since 1503, Sednyana has grown in population and influence, and has become one of the most powerful nations in the world. During the Industrial Revolution, Sednyana adapted its economy to become an industrial power, and now has the fourth-largest economy on Terra. It has the fifth-highest development index of any nation on Terra, and the highest of the Great Powers. The largest city in Sednyana is Monopodia, which is the economic capital of the nation, although it also has a large number of regional cities and other major urban hubs such as Ross City, Cethen, Kia Boya, Niavara, and Durham. The currency is the Sedna. The current president of Sednyana is Sam Pacienza.

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