Cethen Electronics, often known as CE, is a Sednyanese technology company headquartered Cethen, Sednyana. CE historically made its name as one of the two major producers of home televisions, along with Lasterus's Nova; it also made radios, phones, audio equipment, and other household electronics. While CE introduced a personal computer line in the 1990s, and an OS, it faltered in comparison with emerging tech companies and ultimately discontinued its line of personal computers in 2008. It has grown in the 2010s through a parternship with internet giant Cosmic, developing the hardware for Cosmic's Galaxy line of smartphones and tablets.

it competes with Nova, Akama, Elion, and Horizons for the booming laptop and smartphone market.

Cethen Electronics is notable for its fair business practices. Its employees are paid unusually highly, and its CEO, Martin Sevalla, has a net worth of only $3 million, unlike his multibillionaire peers in similar corporations. With the socialization of Cethen under Adam Bar, CE has begun employing workers in urban technological cooperatives to help manufacture their products, which it previously often had manufactured in other countries.

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