Kia Boya
Country: Sednyana
State: Capital District
Population (city): 2,600,000
Population (metro): {{{metro}}}
Founded: 1300

Kia Boya (often abbreviated K.B. or Kia) is the capital of Sednyana and its fourth-largest city with a population of 2,377,000. It is located on two islands (Boya and Oloma) in the Toka River Estuary between the states of East Kaya and Boyada. It is coterminous with the Sednyanese Capital District, which acts functionally as a seventeenth state of Sednyana but is nominally external to any state. It is the center of Sednyana's third-largest metropolitan area, which it shares with its twin city to the north, Kia Mandala; the Boya-Mandala Metropolitan Area has a population of 6,200,000. It is additionally considered one of the three main centers of the Sednyanese coastal urban corridor, along with Cethen and Monopodia.

Kia Boya was founded as a small fishing village around 1300, and steadily grew into a regional center by the end of the fifteenth century. In the 1503 constitution, George Ross declared that Kia Boya would replace Sednyanopolis as the renewed nation's capital, due to its strategic position at the mouth of the Toka River by the sea and its lack of state allegiance; though it was technically part of Boyada at the time, its location on an island between two states made it ideal as a neutral location. Since then, Kia Boya has grown and flourished and become one of Sednyana's most prominent cities.

Kia Boya is a major center of culture and politics in Sednyana. It is the location of all three major branches of Sednyanese government, and has a highly political climate. It is considered a hub for high culture, with a profusion of highly rated restaurants, bars and art galleries as well as a vibrant music scene. It is often considered to have one of the greatest public transportation systems in the world, with a highly integrated and efficient above- and below-ground metro system as well as buses, trains and the Capitol Boulevard tram. Kia Boya has over fifty museums, including the Sednyanese National Museum, the National Art Gallery, and the Sednyanese Museum of Natural History.

Demographically, Kia Boya has a very high population of young adults, which results in an active music and nightlife scene. This is largely because of its universities, which include the Sednyanese National University, the largest university in the nation and the fourth-largest in the world, McCalvin University, considered one of the best universities in Sednyana, and Price University, another top-20 university. 

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