Sedny Anis Ka is the national anthem of Sednyana. It was composed in 1321 by Nhati Daras, an Incean singer, on the request of King Alan I. Originally the song was meant to be played on the dsita, an Incean string instrument, and sung in Incean. Although the official version of the anthem is still in Incean, it was translated into English by Martin Clavell in 1366, and the English version is often sung with or instead of the Incean. In 1962, the Sednyanese government hired the esteemed vocalist Victoria King to record a new official version of the song with alternating English and Incean verses, with the jazz pianist Stanley Hardwell on piano, Victor Curmin on drums and Alan Prass on bass. In 1965, the Green Flame recorded a hard rock version of the song featuring an extended guitar solo by David Tyler that topped Sednyanese charts for six straight weeks that is now the most popular version of the song. It has been performed live more times than almost any song in the world, including by artists such as Beat 5, Sednyanopolis, Cardigan's Flame and Pheonix.

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