War of Trade
Part of the Gloern-Ziun Wars
Date: May 1654 - February 1657
Location: Equatorial Strait, Ziunia
Result: Treaty of Correfuscidia

Creation of Republic of Ziunia
Creation of Kingdom of Gloernivard
Crisis of 1657

Casus belli: Control of the Equatorial Strait
Sednyanese Expansionism
Territory changes: Ziunia becomes independent
Tara (after 1556)
Crown of Harbelon (after 1556)
Gloern-Ziun Union
Leopold Mackaran
Oliver Soren
James Cadwallas
George Machlan
Kiyesöm Barelas
Vincento I
Gostavo Parosi
Brendan Astevieto

The War of Trade, known in Ziunia and Gloernivard as the Sednyanese War or the War of the Straits, and sometimes in Sednyana as the Gloernish War or the Expansionist War, was a war fought between the Federation of Sednyana, with support from Harbelon and Tara, and the Gloern-Ziun Union, between 1654 and 1657. Emperor Vincento Corinthi of Gloern, Vard, and Ziun sparked the war in the 1650s by harassing Sednyanese ships traveling through the Equatorial Strait and demanding tribute. In 1654, Leopold Mackaran was elected president of Sendyana and immediately declared war on Gloern.

For the first two years of the war, it was solely composed of naval battles around the strait between Sednyana and the Gloern-Ziun Union; however, in 1666, Ziunian forces invaded Incea from the north, at the same time that Sednyana secured an alliance with Harbelon and Tara. At the Battle of Pian Dôas, the Sednyanese alliance stopped the Ziunian advance and took an offensive, driving the Ziun troops north to Baziunda. During the fall of 1666, the Sednyanese military occupied nearly the entirety of Ziunia. Expansionist factions in Sednyana pressed for a full-scale invasion of Ziunia and the claiming of Ziunia as either an imperial territory of Sednyana or a sateillite republic. Instead, Mackaran, wanting to avoid an extended land war and throwing away the idea of empire, negotiated a treaty with Emperor Vincento in Correfuscidia in March 1657. The Treaty of Correfuscidia stated that Gloern part of the empire was to be reincorporated as the Kingdom of Gloern i Vard, and Ziunia would be restored as a republic with its original boundaries and no duties to Sednyana. The strait was declared a free trade zone.

The war marked the end of the Gloern-Ziun Union, ensured the principle of free trade, and reestablished the Ziunian republic. March 13 is celebrated as a national holiday in both Gloernivard and Ziunia. In Sednyana, however, the treaty and the abrupt end to the war had significant backlash in the already highly unstable political climate, leading to the Crisis of 1657 during which two of the most powerful Sednyanese generals from the war, Oliver Soren and James Cadwallas, mutinied against the government and held president Mackaran hostage. It is considered the closest that republican Sednyana came to despotism or to imperialism, and the War of Trade and the Crisis of 1657 occupy a large space in Sednyanese myth and memory.

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